Checking In…

23 12 2009

Hey everyone! How’s your winter break going so far? Good I hope.

I’m currently at home with my parents and I thought I would let you know that I too, am following the advice I posted on my blog. In case you guys may have thought that what I posted was just for the sake of posting, it was not. I have been abiding to the post about surviving home this week and I plan to continue following that post and others for a while.

I’m in the process of redoing my bedroom by making it more grown up and I’ve been helping out around the house. Most importantly, I am showing respect for my parents and avoiding arguments. I am showing my mom that I am independent, I am relying on myself and I am getting my room ready for when I have to live back at home permanently for a while. I am already making it clear to my parents that in a few months, I will be home but it won’t be like high school. My plans are to work, save up and move out. I’m trying to get us all adjusted, prepared and updated now so graduation isn’t such a shock. I feel like following those steps has been a great help already.

Meanwhile, I am also making mental notes of the contacts I have made in the TV and film business and I am thinking about which jobs I plan on applying to. Once I get back to school, my main priority, besides classes, is to work on my demo reel for future employers.

I thought I would share my personal experiences with you and know that I am also following my own advice, day by day.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!!!

(p.s. I will be posting my final TV Production II mini-documentary soon, if it lets me do so…)


A more personal post…

13 10 2009

A student talk show I produced

A student film I acted in last year

A student film I acted in

The first image is a student film that I acted in two years ago that was about a mime. The second is a television talk show I produced and hosted which was all about college drinking: pre-gaming, drinking and hangover prevention.

I started realizing I have a love for acting in my second or third year of college and so I enjoyed being an actress in that film, even though it was only a small role. I have also acted in a few other student movies at Rowan and enjoyed acting in each one of those too.

The talk show was my idea, my “baby”, my responsibility overall so it was a whole lot of work in a small time span. I was really stressed out. Once I finished all the pre-production and planning, I started to relax. The only problem was then it was time to actually film it (LIVE!) and I was the host who did not have my questions memorized yet because I was so worried about everything else. The overall production came out well but I learned that you can never have enough questions and you should always have them memorized!!! The first segment was the worst because I ran out of questions in the first two minutes of a seven minute segment! I was repeating questions, asking dumb ones and I sounded like a fool. Luckily, the show saved itself in the second and third segment when the set was more interesting and my guests were more talkative and lively.

A big reason I find myself liking film more than television lately is because film is not so fast paced. TV production is chaotic and you have to be quick on your feet! I think it is a stressful environment. However, that said, I am thinking about interning at a television station in the spring anyway. I guess I am hoping to prove myself wrong. I want to know if I actually enjoy it or not. I already had an internship making films so I think I owe it to myself to take an internship in TV production too. If I don’t like it, I don’t like it. It will save me time in the “real world” by knowing what I want and don’t want from the start of my newly-forming career path. Plus, many big companies in television and film do not hire many new faces, so I would be getting an experience I may not have the chance of obtaining otherwise, such as after graduation.

You never know where life may take you but I am excited for the journey.

The first photograph was taken by my TV Production 1 teacher and the second, by one of my Rowan peers.