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22 09 2009

Welcome to my blog!!! I will be adding content to this site every week for the next few months in regards to TV and film production, jobs, internships and life after college. Feel free to click on the “a message from the author” page for more information about this blog and myself. I hope you all enjoy reading what I have to say, learn something new and share my love for the art.

Although I will not be graduating until May, I will still talk about graduation by discussing steps that should be taken prior to that day to prepare ourselves for what lies after. I plan to continue writing on this blog even after my Online Journalism course is over; the reason I am starting this blog.

For any college seniors, soon-to-be grads, who share the senioritis and excitement for the “real world” that I feel myself, this blog will probably, in some way, spark your interest. At least, that is the goal I will strive towards.