More advice to keep in mind

7 11 2009

Other advice I received while at NFL Films was from the new internship coordinator, Ron. I’ll list some very important bullet points that everyone, including myself, should live by in this career field.

-Be patient! You are going to be working in a VERY competitive industry, finding work will be frustrating and landing that dream job might take years.

-I can assure you that you will send out dozens of resumes with no success and in a majority of cases, no response. Don’t be discouraged, if this is truly what you want to do, you must be persistent.

-Do whatever you need to do to pay the bills. Freelance in your chosen career to gain experience and contacts preferably.

-Network, network, network!

-You never know who you are talking to or in some cases, working with, what position they may hold or what type of contacts they may have. Believe it or not, this is a small industry and you will run into the same people over and over again; you can not hide for too long. Make sure anyone you have ever worked with has your current contact information. If you have successfully worked for someone in the past, keep in touch with them, ask them to recommend you to others if they don’t have any work for you.

-Be pleasant on the job! No matter how big or small the assignment is, people take notice.

-If you don’t have a simple business card with your contact information yet, that should be the first thing you do!

-Every job you do in your chosen career path, no matter how small in size or pay, is important. You never know who you’ll meet on the job or who may see or hear your work.

-People in our industry simply can not screw up too many times because there are many talented people out there just waiting to replace you. In this industry, you have to know your stuff and have a true talent for what you do.

-SUMMARY: Be patient. There’s a LOT of competition out there. Network your ass off; you never know who you’ll meet. Every job is important!

-If you are still in school, enjoy it. You will never experience an environment like that again.

Copyright Ron S. NFL Films. 2009.