A City of Cinema

5 10 2009

A little lesson about Hollywood:

-The Hollywood sign originally read “Hollywoodland” until “land” was taken down in 1949.

-If you’re going to Hollywood, the sign won’t help you find it because it doesn’t really exist.

-“Hollywood is a state of mind, not a geographical entity. You can visit it in the movies, and make it part of the soap opera of your own life. But as anyone who has walked down Hollywood Boulevard after dark will tell you, you wouldn’t want to live there.”

-Hollywood is a place found within movies in which “dreams come true, time after time after time.”

-We have all grown up with Hollywood as an important but usually unconsidered part of our lives; we could all trace it’s influence on us.”

* “Go to a motion picture…and let yourself go. Before you know it you are living the story-laughing, loving, hating, struggling, winning! All the adventure, all the romance, all the excitement you lack in your daily life are in- Pictures. They take you completely out of yourself into a wonderful new world…Out of the cage of everyday existence! If only for an afternoon or an evening- Escape!” – a 1925 Paramount advertisement

Source- Hollywood Cinema, Second Edition by Richard Maltby. Blackwell Publishing. 1995, 2003.