A Roadtrip-based, Interactive Map

21 11 2009

Many TV and film graduates from the East Coast save up money and road trip to California after graduation in hopes of finding production jobs. Rowan University in Southern New Jersey is a prime example of a college with many TV and Film grads pursuing this dream. Therefore, the trip I will present will start in Glassboro, NJ although anyone from anywhere in the world can take advantage of this map. After exploring this cross country map, I hope everyone learns something they didn’t know before, whether if it is about a travel destination or a route from NJ to CA. Keep in mind however, that this map I made consists of just two ways you can go to/from New Jersey to California. There are many possible routes someone may take. Enjoy!

(If the map is currently displayed on one location, zoom out or click on larger image.)
Brought to you by Google maps.


An Aerial View of Hollywood

20 11 2009

map supplied by Google maps.

Can you find Sunset Blvd. on the map? Have you seen the classic “Sunset Blvd.” movie?