California Jobs

20 11 2009

As I previously stated, many TV and film majors from New Jersey or the East coast flock to California after graduation in search of jobs. I started wondering, “What jobs are available in California right now?” I checked and here’s what I found…

North California:
San Francisco

Fully Paid:

Editor at Singularity University, Immediately

TV/Marketing Research Analyst at Ultimate Fighting Championship, ASAP or regular full-time employment

Paid + Lo/No/Deferred:

Commercial Sales Rep at Sway Productions, Now/Ongoing, Low or No Pay

Freelance Video Producers at, Immediately/Ongoing for Low or No Pay

Film Archivist Internship at Oddball Film and Video for 4 months, Low or No pay

Camera Operator at BASEnet, LP. Open Ended position for Low or No Pay

CG Particle Expert at The Velvet Abstract for Max. one month for Low or No Pay

South California:
Los Angeles, Hollywood

243 Results!!!!

Check it out!!!

Jobs include director of photography, stage and operating manager, production designer, paparazzi producer, costume designer, Make-up/special effects, publicity intern, editor, producer, writer, key grip and much much more!!!

If that doesn’t motivate you to want to go to California, I don’t know what will.