Advice from a Pro

7 11 2009

Over the summer, when I was interning at NFL Films, I met a woman named Debbie Markowitz who shared her story with me. I found it really inspiring, motivational, informative and helpful.

She told me how before coming to work at NFL Films, she worked in the record business in California for 15 years! As a soon-to-be college grad who is excited to travel west, I asked her what California was like. She explained the job market to me.

Some people say to go to California to get the jobs in TV and film while others say there are no jobs right now. I wanted to hear her experiences from California directly told by her, someone who has been in my shoes.

She said that although it is very competitive and hard to find a job and even though people told her she would have no luck out west, she got four job offers her first day there! It was years ago and things have most likely changed a bit but she said to aim big, dream big and believe in yourself. Don’t go after the lower end positions either. Aim for the top.

Her main suggestion was for me to make a list of my top businesses, companies, etc. that I would like to work at, with my favorites at the top of the list, especially the bigger companies with the more well-known names. Most people plan on aiming for the bottom of the list first and working their way up but she said to go to the big companies first!

“There are more positions! Call around and see who has worked there before and see where they are now. Those sort of connections can get you in.”

She said it has a lot to do with doing your research!!! Find the companies and people you can network with. Start making your list!!!