Reviewing Resume Writing

11 12 2009

The Interviewable Resume (Resume Writing Advice)These bloopers are hilarious

I suggest researching around on the web for more information. Many sites offer really good advice.


California Jobs

20 11 2009

As I previously stated, many TV and film majors from New Jersey or the East coast flock to California after graduation in search of jobs. I started wondering, “What jobs are available in California right now?” I checked and here’s what I found…

North California:
San Francisco

Fully Paid:

Editor at Singularity University, Immediately

TV/Marketing Research Analyst at Ultimate Fighting Championship, ASAP or regular full-time employment

Paid + Lo/No/Deferred:

Commercial Sales Rep at Sway Productions, Now/Ongoing, Low or No Pay

Freelance Video Producers at, Immediately/Ongoing for Low or No Pay

Film Archivist Internship at Oddball Film and Video for 4 months, Low or No pay

Camera Operator at BASEnet, LP. Open Ended position for Low or No Pay

CG Particle Expert at The Velvet Abstract for Max. one month for Low or No Pay

South California:
Los Angeles, Hollywood

243 Results!!!!

Check it out!!!

Jobs include director of photography, stage and operating manager, production designer, paparazzi producer, costume designer, Make-up/special effects, publicity intern, editor, producer, writer, key grip and much much more!!!

If that doesn’t motivate you to want to go to California, I don’t know what will.

More advice to keep in mind

7 11 2009

Other advice I received while at NFL Films was from the new internship coordinator, Ron. I’ll list some very important bullet points that everyone, including myself, should live by in this career field.

-Be patient! You are going to be working in a VERY competitive industry, finding work will be frustrating and landing that dream job might take years.

-I can assure you that you will send out dozens of resumes with no success and in a majority of cases, no response. Don’t be discouraged, if this is truly what you want to do, you must be persistent.

-Do whatever you need to do to pay the bills. Freelance in your chosen career to gain experience and contacts preferably.

-Network, network, network!

-You never know who you are talking to or in some cases, working with, what position they may hold or what type of contacts they may have. Believe it or not, this is a small industry and you will run into the same people over and over again; you can not hide for too long. Make sure anyone you have ever worked with has your current contact information. If you have successfully worked for someone in the past, keep in touch with them, ask them to recommend you to others if they don’t have any work for you.

-Be pleasant on the job! No matter how big or small the assignment is, people take notice.

-If you don’t have a simple business card with your contact information yet, that should be the first thing you do!

-Every job you do in your chosen career path, no matter how small in size or pay, is important. You never know who you’ll meet on the job or who may see or hear your work.

-People in our industry simply can not screw up too many times because there are many talented people out there just waiting to replace you. In this industry, you have to know your stuff and have a true talent for what you do.

-SUMMARY: Be patient. There’s a LOT of competition out there. Network your ass off; you never know who you’ll meet. Every job is important!

-If you are still in school, enjoy it. You will never experience an environment like that again.

Copyright Ron S. NFL Films. 2009.

Advice from a Pro

7 11 2009

Over the summer, when I was interning at NFL Films, I met a woman named Debbie Markowitz who shared her story with me. I found it really inspiring, motivational, informative and helpful.

She told me how before coming to work at NFL Films, she worked in the record business in California for 15 years! As a soon-to-be college grad who is excited to travel west, I asked her what California was like. She explained the job market to me.

Some people say to go to California to get the jobs in TV and film while others say there are no jobs right now. I wanted to hear her experiences from California directly told by her, someone who has been in my shoes.

She said that although it is very competitive and hard to find a job and even though people told her she would have no luck out west, she got four job offers her first day there! It was years ago and things have most likely changed a bit but she said to aim big, dream big and believe in yourself. Don’t go after the lower end positions either. Aim for the top.

Her main suggestion was for me to make a list of my top businesses, companies, etc. that I would like to work at, with my favorites at the top of the list, especially the bigger companies with the more well-known names. Most people plan on aiming for the bottom of the list first and working their way up but she said to go to the big companies first!

“There are more positions! Call around and see who has worked there before and see where they are now. Those sort of connections can get you in.”

She said it has a lot to do with doing your research!!! Find the companies and people you can network with. Start making your list!!!

The opportunities are endless!

31 10 2009

Most of us feel like we need to live in New York City or Los Angeles to have our dream job but there are television and film production houses all around the world! If you research what’s out there, you may just find something, somewhere that you like much better.

A few other places include: Chicago, Florida, Delaware, Hawaii, Alaska, France, Italy, Greece, Burmuda, Serbia, Haiti, Canada, Peru, Vietnam….

Did you ever think those places would have jobs you may be looking for?! Research your options!

Don’t give up on your dreams

31 10 2009

Some people may overwhelm you with negative thoughts. They may say that you won’t find a job in the business, that California has too many earthquakes or that you won’t be making money for a while after graduation. At least, these are a few things people have told me. I don’t let it get me down though. Yes, sure, there will be obstacles and hard times. There will be change between college and having a career too but that should be known. We all realize that college can’t last forever. We all realize that the economy is bad right now. We all realize that jobs aren’t guaranteed. What you need to remember though, is that your life is your life, filled with your dreams, goals, passions and desires. If you want to do something, then do it. Don’t listen to what everyone else is saying. Avoid their negativity. Most of the time, people say these things because they aren’t doing well in the business or they think there are no jobs or they may be jealous because television and film sounds so much better than the job they have. Don’t let it crush your dreams. I’m not letting it. I’ve wanted to be where I’m at now, a senior in college about to graduate and pursue a TV and film job, for many years now. I’m not letting anything change my mind or make me doubt my dreams and neither should you.

Everything will be okay. Work hard, get your name out there, make contacts, go beyond your comfort zone, fly across the country, find your available options, ask around, work a part time job, cherish your youth and stop worrying so much. You’ll be okay. Believe in yourself.