Final Project Interviews

14 12 2009

Hi everyone! It’s finally that time. I had promised you all interviews for my final project from recent Rowan University graduates and what life has been like for them since graduating from college! I interviewed 3 alumni and in a few moments, you will have the chance to read what they have to say.

All three of them came from Rowan University and majored in television and film but they each took a different path from there. Each one of them has had a different journey and different experiences since graduating. I hope what you are about to read helps prepare you for your own destiny…

Two of them went to California, while one is still in New Jersey; but not for long. Where will you end up?

These three interviews seek to inform you about the journeys of these three grads and provide you with their advice on what you should do next. If you’d like to check out a fourth or fifth interview, and have not done so already, please refer back to the interviews I had earlier in the year with Michelle and Professor Winkler.

Enjoy! I hope their words inspire and enlighten you.

Tina. Charles. Adam.

Final Project Interviews coming up!
1: Charles Interview! (an interview via email)
2: Tina’s Interview! (a phone conversation)
3: Adam’s Interview! (the audio from a web chat)