14 11 2009

For many New Jersey TV and Film Grads, the big plan is to save up money and road trip to California. My next few posts will be centered more around that theme. I will be posting an interactive post soon in regards to this “big plan” of traveling to Cali so look forward to seeing that. For now, there are two things I would like to share with you; a poll and a video.

The poll is so I can get an idea of what my readers like and where you would like to go, if you were traveling to the west coast. When I’m working on the interactive project, I’ll keep your suggestions in mind. I’d be interested to see what the most preferred or popular travel sites are.

Also, the video I’m about to share with you is made by a production company called Gnarly Bay. This video touched home with me more than words can explain; so much that I shed a tear, to be completely honest. It’s a dream to many to be able to travel, live and film everything along the way so I definitely recommend that you click the link and check it out.

*Watch this wonderful video of traveling, filming and friends after college, made available by and also shown below on YouTube. They are two great sites that anyone can join and post videos to!

I hope you enjoy the video and fill out the poll so we can see the most popular travel destinations!