A foot in the door

30 09 2009

For those interested in a Spring 2010 internship, I recommend you start searching now! Even if the internship does not start until February, the deadline is probably somewhere around November 1st. You should at least be finding what internships are available and what interests you. If you know that, it’s basically picking the one, or two, you feel you’d enjoy the most and get the most out of. I say two (or more) because it never hurts to apply to several places. The more internships you apply for, the greater the chance you’ll land an interview.

Popular sites to check are USAintern.com mandy.com, entertainmentcareers.net, productionhub.com and film.org.

Talk to teachers about jobs in your field or ask friends who have already interned if they have any suggestions.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find the exact internship you’re looking for.

Good luck!