As One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

15 12 2009

I hope you have all enjoyed everything I have posted thus far! In making sure that I kept my promises to you in terms of posts and also in trying my best to provide new and exciting information, I feel as if my blog was everything I said it would be, if not more. If you haven’t guessed already, by the tone of this post, the class I have been blogging for is now ending. I no longer “have to” keep adding content to this blog. I do have good news though! I may not post as often as I have in the past few months but I plan on continuing this blog. My graduation is coming up in May and I’m planning my trip to California and life after college more and more with each passing day. With all that said, I can’t abandon you guys just yet! You will hear from me as graduation approaches and if I find anything interesting that is worthy of posting.

Keep dreaming. Envision what you want in life and make it happen! Stay positive. Work hard. But never forget to laugh, smile and cherish each moment!

“Today is a gift. That is why it’s call the Present.”