An Interview with Adam Chazen

14 12 2009

Me on Web Chat with Adam

Web Chat Snapshot of Adam

Adam at the Grand Canyon!

Adam Chazen was a May 2008 graduate from Rowan and he has been living and working in California for a little while now. He interned at The Onion, was a Production Assistant for Transformers 2 and currently works for Pixomondo in Venice, California. Adam is definitely a man of connections; he has a good network of people to contact and knows how to go about making things happen. That’s the key to success in this business. You can’t afford not to listen to his interview.

My interview with Adam took place through Skype web chat, however, the video could not be recorded. Instead, I collected about 40 minutes of audio and, just as with Tina’s interview, I separated what Adam said into different, condensed segments for you to choose from and listen to as you please.

I hope these three interviews have answered any questions or concerns that you may have had and better prepare you for what lies ahead. Here’s Adam Chazen…

Moving to California:

Time in Between:

The issue of Money:

Places to Live in California:

Work Experience/A Foot in the Door:

It’s all about Connections:

Celebrity Sightings:

Roadtrip Stops:

Jobs from Internships:

Advice for Soon-To-Be Grads:


His mindset at Graduation and Life Post-Grad:

Moving to C.A. vs. Moving from C.A.: (Don’t Burn Bridges!)


Final Project Interview 3 of 3