A mini-documentary…

23 12 2009

For our Television Production II class, my friends Brittany Stiles, Kate Hoffman and myself were paired up to make a mini-documentary and we chose to do it on Brittany’s brother, a jazz musician struggling to make it into the music industry and live off of what he loves the most. He has determination to not give up his dream, passion for what he does and a humor that shines even at the worst of times. I am really happy with how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it!


Our TV Production II Mini Doc about a Jazz Musician hoping to make it into the music industry and make a living doing what he loves.


Your Day in 140 Seconds or Less

14 12 2009

“Available Night” by Matt Hill
Posted to this Nikon site.

“A night out… in reverse. Sometimes the best days begin in the evening…

Shot entirely with Nikon D700 at 5 fps, handheld. Assembled with iStopMotion and edited in Final Cut Pro in 720p24. Original Music by KiDrit. Foley recorded on Edirol R-1.”

Check it out:

Surviving Home

11 12 2009

We have all gotten used to being independent and on our own at college, but what do we do after graduation when we need to move back home? How do we prevent going insane?

Here are some tips:

1. Keep up on chores and they won’t be able to nag you about anything.
2. Be respectful to them and avoid any unnecessary fights or arguments.
3. HAVE A JOB and SAVE UP MONEY! That way, you can move out sooner!
4. Crash at their house, eat there, do laundry there but drive to film shoots as much as possible.
5. Go out with friends and keep your social life alive.
6. Do your own laundry and start cooking your own meals. Prove that you can be independent and they will treat you as that way, or at least, more so than they may otherwise.
7. Be happy you don’t need to pay rent so it is okay to get paid less starting out at the job you really want.
8. Take this time to figure out who you are now and where you’d like to go from here.
9. Don’t get too comfortable being back home. If you do, you may not want to start working, might not care if the job’s a failure because you don’t need to pay bills or you may not be pushed to become a true adult yet. Set a time limit of when you plan on moving out.
10. Get used to paying for yourself for things. Cut yourself off with mom and dad’s money. Use this time to start supporting yourself so you will be better prepared for the future.

Reviewing Resume Writing

11 12 2009

The Interviewable Resume (Resume Writing Advice)These bloopers are hilarious

I suggest researching around on the web for more information. Many sites offer really good advice.

Teaching Tina

10 12 2009

Here’s some clips by Tina Yangello who will be coming up in the interview project soon! I’m hoping this post will get you familiar with her and some of her work. Enjoy!

I also hope that teaches you how to make meatloaf if you didn’t know already! Thanks Tina!

Check out more of her videos at http://www.youtube.com/teachingtina.


14 11 2009

For many New Jersey TV and Film Grads, the big plan is to save up money and road trip to California. My next few posts will be centered more around that theme. I will be posting an interactive post soon in regards to this “big plan” of traveling to Cali so look forward to seeing that. For now, there are two things I would like to share with you; a poll and a video.

The poll is so I can get an idea of what my readers like and where you would like to go, if you were traveling to the west coast. When I’m working on the interactive project, I’ll keep your suggestions in mind. I’d be interested to see what the most preferred or popular travel sites are.

Also, the video I’m about to share with you is made by a production company called Gnarly Bay. This video touched home with me more than words can explain; so much that I shed a tear, to be completely honest. It’s a dream to many to be able to travel, live and film everything along the way so I definitely recommend that you click the link and check it out.

*Watch this wonderful video of traveling, filming and friends after college, made available by Vimeo.com and also shown below on YouTube. They are two great sites that anyone can join and post videos to!

I hope you enjoy the video and fill out the poll so we can see the most popular travel destinations!

Our Final PSA

12 11 2009

The photos I had in a slideshow on my blog a couple weeks ago were taken during the production of a Public Service Announcement, or PSA, for Worship Church Glassboro. I also mentioned the project in another post as well. Therefore, I thought I would share with you the final version of our completed PSA. Enjoy!