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Hi. My name is Jennifer Ammon. I am currently attending college at Rowan University in southern New Jersey. Now in my fourth and final year, I’m finishing up my Radio, Television and Film major and my Journalism minor. Over the summer, I completed my first internship at NFL Films and I hope to achieve a second internship this upcoming spring. My dream is to obtain a wonderful career in TV and film upon graduating and hopefully, one day soon, move out to California.

This blog is for my Online Journalism course but it’s much more than just an assignment. This topic means a lot to me due to the fact that I am going through the exact situation I am blogging about. I will take the information I learn, receive and come across in my day-to-day findings and post it for all to see so that you may also benefit from it. Q & A sessions with Rowan professors, friends and people currently working in the industry will inform both my readers and myself about possible job opportunities, what to expect in the business, where to find the jobs we desire and any words of advice they may have for us. Over the next few months, I’ll also touch upon topics such as tips for resume writing, how to land the internship and ways to make the most out of your professional, tv and film experiences.

I’ll also add other aspects to my blog including tips for those who are just learning how to cook, how to survive living at home again and where the best places are to visit in California.

I hope you are all as excited to keep up with my blogs as I am to write them!


About the photographs:
My header is an image I edited in photoshop using both photos I took myself and images I purchased from Pixmac.com. Their photos come with a creative license contract.
© Igor Kalamba-film, ktsdesign-filmstrip (countdown), marTTin-camera, Inge Schepers-clapboard, unknown artist-Hollywood/

I took all the photos in the sidebar myself. Please give me credit if you use them. Thanks.


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10 12 2009
Tips from the food network « Reel Life Knowledge for After College

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