An Interview with Tina Yangello

14 12 2009

Tina driving during her roadtrip

Tina at the Grand Canyon!

Las Vegas lights

Tina and her boyfriend, Shannon, enjoy the weather in LA

Tina Yangello graduated from Rowan University in May 2009. She has her own show that she works on called “Teaching Tina“. Tina had also been working at Mannington Mills in Salem, New Jersey as a media specialist and a production assistant with a production company. Although she had a good job in New Jersey, she recently packed up her belongings in seven days and moved out to California with her boyfriend. Her interview is full of useful information so I recommend checking it out!

The full interview was 34 minutes long so I broke it up into 10 different, condensed sections. They are labeled so you can pick and choose what you want to listen to, depending on what interests you the most or you can sit back, relax and listen to them all. Enjoy!

Planning her roadtrip:

The job search out west:

The importance of business cards:

The apartment search:

Dresser made up of tubs

Leaving home and starting a new life:

Hoover Dam Checkpoint

Popular roadtrip stops:

Things she wished she did at Rowan:

Thoughts during graduation:

Good advice:

One last bit of information to keep in mind:

Final Project Interview 2 of 3




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14 12 2009
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