An Interview of One Person’s Opinion of “The Real N.J.”

4 05 2010

One Opinion about The REAL NJ by ammonj36

Online Journalism II. Spring 2010. Rowan University.

My friend Lisa talks about New Jersey, how she feels about the state and also compares it to the show, “The Jersey Shore”. I hope nobody is offended by anything said in this interview. It’s meant to be more fun and amusing. Enjoy.


Another Web Address

26 04 2010

Just for fun, I created a personal website last night!!!

You can check it out at

Also, I’m still working on posting a demo reel soon and a few other video projects that I am currently working on.

17 days until Graduation!!! The clock is ticking….

Time for an Update

26 03 2010

Hey everyone! Just checking in…

Graduation is in 48 days!!!!

Where does the time go?

Also, I’ll be working on my demo reel really soon and when it’s finished I’ll be sure to post it on here for you all to see.

A mini-documentary…

23 12 2009

For our Television Production II class, my friends Brittany Stiles, Kate Hoffman and myself were paired up to make a mini-documentary and we chose to do it on Brittany’s brother, a jazz musician struggling to make it into the music industry and live off of what he loves the most. He has determination to not give up his dream, passion for what he does and a humor that shines even at the worst of times. I am really happy with how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it!

Our TV Production II Mini Doc about a Jazz Musician hoping to make it into the music industry and make a living doing what he loves.

Checking In…

23 12 2009

Hey everyone! How’s your winter break going so far? Good I hope.

I’m currently at home with my parents and I thought I would let you know that I too, am following the advice I posted on my blog. In case you guys may have thought that what I posted was just for the sake of posting, it was not. I have been abiding to the post about surviving home this week and I plan to continue following that post and others for a while.

I’m in the process of redoing my bedroom by making it more grown up and I’ve been helping out around the house. Most importantly, I am showing respect for my parents and avoiding arguments. I am showing my mom that I am independent, I am relying on myself and I am getting my room ready for when I have to live back at home permanently for a while. I am already making it clear to my parents that in a few months, I will be home but it won’t be like high school. My plans are to work, save up and move out. I’m trying to get us all adjusted, prepared and updated now so graduation isn’t such a shock. I feel like following those steps has been a great help already.

Meanwhile, I am also making mental notes of the contacts I have made in the TV and film business and I am thinking about which jobs I plan on applying to. Once I get back to school, my main priority, besides classes, is to work on my demo reel for future employers.

I thought I would share my personal experiences with you and know that I am also following my own advice, day by day.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!!!

(p.s. I will be posting my final TV Production II mini-documentary soon, if it lets me do so…)

As One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

15 12 2009

I hope you have all enjoyed everything I have posted thus far! In making sure that I kept my promises to you in terms of posts and also in trying my best to provide new and exciting information, I feel as if my blog was everything I said it would be, if not more. If you haven’t guessed already, by the tone of this post, the class I have been blogging for is now ending. I no longer “have to” keep adding content to this blog. I do have good news though! I may not post as often as I have in the past few months but I plan on continuing this blog. My graduation is coming up in May and I’m planning my trip to California and life after college more and more with each passing day. With all that said, I can’t abandon you guys just yet! You will hear from me as graduation approaches and if I find anything interesting that is worthy of posting.

Keep dreaming. Envision what you want in life and make it happen! Stay positive. Work hard. But never forget to laugh, smile and cherish each moment!

“Today is a gift. That is why it’s call the Present.”

Your Day in 140 Seconds or Less

14 12 2009

“Available Night” by Matt Hill
Posted to this Nikon site.

“A night out… in reverse. Sometimes the best days begin in the evening…

Shot entirely with Nikon D700 at 5 fps, handheld. Assembled with iStopMotion and edited in Final Cut Pro in 720p24. Original Music by KiDrit. Foley recorded on Edirol R-1.”

Check it out: